Mobile App – “Terms of Use” and “Reasonable Notice”

We have all mindlessly tapped on the “I Agree” button after installing a new app on our phones or creating a new account with a service. By doing so, we have agreed to the “terms of use” (or “terms and conditions” or “terms of service” – whichever label is used). Despite the fact that this […]


Are E-Signatures Valid in Oregon?

It is commonly understood that if you sign a paper contract with an ink pen, you are bound by its terms. In a legal sense, by writing your name in a unique and distinctive way, you are identifying yourself and indicating your agreement to the document on which your signature appears. We can all think […]


Should I Register My Trademark?

Clients often ask: “Should I register my trademark?” And, as required by law, I have to respond: “Well, it depends.” (Okay, so I am not actually required by law to respond this way. But I feel like attorneys — including me — respond this way so often that our clients might think this is the […]



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