Forum Selection Clauses: Small Deviations with Big Consequences

Forum selection clauses are common in contracts today.  In a forum selection clause, the parties to a contract designate a particular court or courts as having jurisdiction over disputes the parties may have about the contract.  Some forum selection clauses allow, but do not require, certain courts to hear disputes.  Others provide that a particular […]


Court Rejects BOLI’s New Interpretation of Overtime Laws for Manufacturers

You may have read about the turmoil BOLI caused by suddenly changing its interpretation of overtime laws governing employees in manufacturing facilities.  If you’re not aware of the issue, check out our most recent Business and Employment Law Newsletter. In  an nutshell, for decades BOLI had been telling manufacturers to pay either the higher of […]

Mar 06, 2017

Stock Transactions between Insiders and Outsiders: How Much Disclosure is Required?

As closely held companies grow, their number of shareholders often increases as well.  This is frequently a sign of success, but it can create certain problems.  For example, a larger or diversified shareholder base can prevent a company from becoming an S Corporation for tax purposes.  Additionally, companies with too many shareholders who own small […]

Feb 24, 2017

Don’t Be Too Hasty To Discipline Employees For Attendance Issues

An employee who regularly is absent, arrives late or leaves early can be a headache for a manager.  Oftentimes the manager gets fed up with the employee and either writes them up or fires them for being unreliable.  However, employers must tread lightly before deciding to discipline or discharge an employee who misses work for […]

Jan 31, 2017

Cosgrave Attorney Julie Smith Wins Motion Over Oregon’s Noneconomic Damages Cap

On Friday, January 20th, a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge ruled that Oregon’s $500,000 cap on noneconomic damages does not violate the Oregon Constitution as applied to a verdict in favor of plaintiff Scott Busch and against Cosgrave’s client, McInnis Waste Systems, Inc. The decision has significant ramifications for future cases in Oregon subject to […]



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