What Type of Lager is for You?

To many, the word “lager” conjures an image of mass-market fizz. However, under the lager umbrella is a veritable menagerie of styles from light to dark, full-bodied malt bombs to crisp lawn-mower beers. In short, lagers are fermented at a colder temperature and the yeast converts from the bottom of the tank up, whereas ales […]


Client Feature – Baerlic Brewing Finds It’s Home

With so many new breweries popping up in Portland, you’d think it was easy to open your own place. You’d be wrong. The years-long process of figuring out how to make good beer – dialing in temperatures, ingredients, fermentation times and more – that just might be the easy part. The hard part, well, brewers […]


Stormbreaker Brewing Makes Most of Mississippi Space

The building that houses Stormbreaker Brewing on North Mississippi Avenue has gone through such a transformation, you might forget what it looked like just a few months ago. Call it a case of amnesia. The once-spartan brewpub that Stormbreaker owners Dan Malech and Rob Lutz acquired on Jan. 1 is downright cozy these days. Reclaimed wood […]


Meet The Beer Station

Congratulations to our clients Jim and Erin Telles who have just opened The Beer Station at 8633 SW Main St. in Wilsonville.  The Beer Station is a premier bottle shop growler station/taproom serving great Oregon beer (and beer from around the world).  Check them out! https://www.facebook.com/PDXBeerStation    



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