Craft Beverage Industry Group (C-BIG) “Hatched” with Educational Focus

Cosgrave’s Beverage Law Practice Group announces the launch of the Craft Beverage Industry Group (C-BIG), whose founding members comprise respected industry professionals in the growing craft beverage segment. The mission of the group is two-fold: serve up quality educational events and bridge connections among members in this complex market. C-BIG members are advisers and advocates […]


Seven Essential Legal/Regulatory Steps for Craft Brewery Start-Ups in Oregon

You’re a home or commercial brewer, passionate about beer and resolved to work for yourself and start your own brewery. You and your business partner(s) understand that most businesses fail in the first year because of poor planning and lack of cash flow. So you’ve performed your due diligence by preparing a robust feasibility analysis […]


I Hatched the Perfect Brewery Name, Now What?

Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur finally realizing your dream of starting a craft brewery, or fine-tuning your next seasonal offering, you have likely invested significant time devising the perfect name or phrase for your brewery, label or offering. This chosen name is important to you. As well it should be. It defines your brewery […]


Craft Brewers Conference & World Beer Cup

The Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America isn’t exactly a beer festival – even if it feels like one at times. In fact, it’s more like a Star Trek Convention for beer geeks. Hundreds of exhibitors teach seminars on everything from new brewing techniques to the proper way to pour a draft beer. The latter […]



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