Dear Loyal Subscribers and Beverage Entrepreneurs:

We have been operating the Cosgrave Beverage Blog in this space since August 2012. We have had a lot of fun writing about the ins and outs of the intersection between our vibrant beverage community and Oregon law. And the good news is that we will continue to blog about the beverage industry, our complex regulatory landscape and business strategy as it relates to the law.

That being said, it is my great pleasure to announce the launch of the all new Cosgrave “Business Time” legal blog. Business Time will cover all of the ground that the beverage law blog covered, but much much more. Three Cosgrave business lawyers will be regularly contributing to this space. In addition to myself, I’m proud to introduce fellow attorneys Lori Sills and Nate Funk.

Lori joined us as an associate attorney last fall and practices in tax, estate planning, and probate and trust administration. According to Lori: “When I’m not nerding out on the most recent tax court opinion or treasury regulation, you can often find me riding around on my bike or getting lost in the woods (and sometimes both!). I’m looking forward to blogging here and passing on stories, tips and tidbits about how tax and estate planning are relevant in our daily lives.”

Nate joined us as an associate attorney in the spring of 2015. Nate provides advice on risk-management and strategic legal planning to small businesses. As Nate puts it: “I am fascinated with robots and legal tech, and I spend my non-lawyering time exploring Portland and the surrounding wilderness with my wife and two young kids. I like to blog about the legal issues that affect small business owners. That, and robots.”

In addition to Lori, Nate and me, we will have guest posts from other Cosgrave business attorneys and litigators, and other colleagues in our respective industries, both lawyers and non-lawyers, addressing the business and legal issues that are important to you.

Please feel free to reach out to the three of us if you are interested in a specific topic or news story, we would be happy to transform your ideas into digital print. We hope you will find the new format informative, thought provoking and good for your bottom line. We are excited to bring you a broader spectrum of content and intend to have fun doing it.