We are always on the look-out for new projects and developments in the Oregon beer community. Oregon Public House, the non-profit so-called “pub with a social backbone,” opened its doors 22 months ago and, since then, has partnered with over 50 charitable organizations by donating 100% of their net profits.

They began a Kickstarter campaign to fund their expanding Altruism Brewing (which is an extension of the Oregon Public House brand) with the purchase of new 20-barrel fermenter and 24 kegs. These pieces of equipment would more than triple their current brewing capacity. Cosgrave Vergeer Kester is proud to have made one of the first 50 donations towards the campaign’s ultimate goal of $36,400. Now you can make one of the first 100.

Learn more about Oregon Public House’s inspiring mission and Portland’s unique confluence of beer and social enterprise here. Have pint, donate some dough, do some good—sounds like a win, win, win.